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Know Your Developer (KYD)

  • Sunday, September 30, 2018
  • by
  • ariewayq
  • "You are an investor, trading, or a coin collector,  or you are a  person who has been disappointed in the coin you have, but it is not  clear who is the maker or who is finally a scam, or maybe you are a person who is very careful in investing,  or maybe you as a coin maker who wants to join and succses.  on this day I want to introduce, to you my friends."
    KYD Official

    KYD, a bridge of trust between a community and a developer or team.
    New days of secure investing are here!

    In the cryptos phere, we as a community, are producing new and innovative coins and tokens. This helps to move the financial system as a whole to a more transparent and fair system. However, as a side effect of innovation, new coins and tokens are rapidly produced on a daily basis. These coins often have anonymous developers and are prone to being scams. So how do youknow which developers of new and amazing projects can you trust? With the Know Your Developer coin, you can!
    KYD started at the 9th of July with one goal and two ways of achieving it. Our goal is to make the cryptosphere safer and minimize scams. The ways we want to achieve that is by verifying teams and offering a platform on which developers can be hired safely.

    Team identification review
    Know Your Developertries to minimize the chancesof you getting scammed. Developers can apply on our website, write a biography, link to projects they areworking on,but also get a rating on their developer abilities and reviews from community members.
    In addition, KYD offers a list of verified projects. These projects can have different levels of verification. Our first setup is :
    Level 1 : The lead developer private verified
    Level 2 : The entire team has done a private identification review
    Level 3 : The lead developer doing a public review
    Level 4 : The entire team doing a public review

    KYD, aplatform for hiring developers of numerous fields
    With the KYD platform you, as auser,will be able to hire a developer for your projec, coin or token. The range of fields will include: 
    • UX & UI : Help build for the interaction of the end users of the KYD platform
    • Chain building : Support/Develop the KYD Blockchain
    • Bot building : Building bt that help solve problem and answer questions
    • Services likeshared masternodes : ( This is a regular masternode, that the investment cost is shared by more than one investor. Less money to have to supply upfront, as well have to ability to spread you money around to different investments.)
    • Hire influential people withlarge followers for promotion : Hire influential social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter) people that have large followings for promotion.
    Developers can get listed with basic verification via Skype. Through passport verification, we verify both face and name with theirID. A short biography will be added containing their background and whatthecoins developers have worked on. Developerscan be paid through bitcoins, or with a discounted price, through KYD

    Utility of KYD
    Being a basic member is free! With a basic membership, you can see everyone in the ecosystem. In this ecosystem you can hold a web wallet and get a chance to view developers and their:
         - Ratings
         - Short biographies
         - Basic information
         - Coins they have built, or worked on
    .Premium members need to hold 1000 coins on the website wal et. Being a premium member wil give you basic features in addition to:
     - Direct contact to a developer
     - Easy and securely paying developers in KYD for the building of a coin, making an explorer, developing a pool etc.
     - All-in-one service – coin building - Have a coin developed for you and get everything needed (pool, explorer, graphics, social media accounts, etc). Furthermore, you get a security stamp of approval (once you’ve been listed as a developer)
    Future features:
    - IPFS interplanetary file sharing
    - All-in-one service – coin listings - paying a fixed amount of KYD to get your coin listed on 1 exchange, Masternodes.Online, etc. 

    Getting listed as a developer or coin
    In our first 1 month of existence, we want to offer developers to get listed for free, after this month the getting listed price wil go up to 1000 KYD (adjusted to inflation). KYD has two options for developers to be listed, namely
         - Ful y verified
         - Privately verified
     As a fully verified developer you wil have to provide basic information about yourself, which wil be listed on the website. You also need to send a copy of your Passport (black out citizen number).
         And a selfie containing your face, ID and a paper with the date of today. The copy of your Passport wil be destroyed. Name, Country and selfie with the KYD paper wil be kept privately on our offline server with cold storage in Raid 5. Being listed on our site as a developer brings many advantages:
         - You can get work fast
         - You can get more work, because people know you are a trusted developer
         - Get paid quick and easily
         - Build a loyal fol ower base

    Why we offer private verified listings
    When we were talking to developers, issues were often raised about their safety to threats, money theft, extortion and ful responsibility if a coin fails. Therefore, we also wil also give the option to developers to be listed as trusted developer and display their Discord name or nickname. We will still verify the developer via same method as for the ful y verified developers and make sure the developer is real and accountable if he scams a community. 

    Getting listed as coin
    Your existing coin can get an approval certificate from KYD. This certificate means that we guarantee that your team exists of real people. We wil list your project on our page as verified
    This wil give your investors or community members confidence in the legitimacy of your coin. We offer a private review and a public review. In the case of the private review, we wil just display that you are verified but won’t publish your names and pictures. This wil give enough trust to your fol owers, but a public review wil provide even more trust. You wil al ow us to publish your names, pictures and LinkedIn profile (if applicable).
    We wil charge 0.1 BTC for a verification of the legitimacy of the team. You wil need to fil in a form that ask some basic questions and also requires a copy of the passport of al core team members.
    Verification fees
    The verification fees depend on the status of your coin. More established coins require less verification than newer coins. Therefore, there is a difference between coins. 

         Paid Listings
         Ø 5,000 KYD - ICO
         Ø 3,500 KYD - Launched 1 month Under Private (exchange required)
         Ø 2,000 KYD - Launched 1 month Under Public (exchange required)
         Ø 2,500 KYD - Regular Private Listing
         Ø 1,000 KYD - Regular Public Listing 

    Free Listings  
    Ø Free - Special Public Listing Top 500 Coin on CoinMarketCap (or high profile coin)
    Fast-Track listings 
    Ø 2,500 KYD - Fast Track: Not Guaranteed to be only coin listed that day     
    Ø 3,500 KYD - Fast Track: Dedicated Day, Twitter Post

         Coin Name
         Know Your Developer (KYD)
         Coin Type
         PoS & MN
         (100,000 MN Auction)
         (30,000 for Team Member)
         (80,000 for Development & Bounties)
         Dev Budget
         10% set aside in a superblock
         Max Coin Supply
         Block Time
         1 Minute
         Masternode Collateral
         10,000 KYD

      Important Links     :
         Block Explorer
         BitcoinTalk ANN
            Join with us :



  • Sunday, September 2, 2018
  • by
  • ariewayq
    PRiVCY Coin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and can be termed as a modified version of the technology on which bitcoin was built as it allows completely private transactions, faster con-firmation rates and achieve consensus through the combination of Proof of Stake and Proof of Work technology, rather than depend on PoW only. 
    PRiVCY Coin enables instant, near-zero cost transactions to anyone anywhere in the world. It is an open source global payment network that is fully decentralized without being depen-dent on any centralized authority such as banks or governments. Fueled by Computation and secured by Mathematics, PRiVCY Coin network empowers individuals to control their own finances themselves. Being operated through TOR network— a highly secure private network— our blockchain network ensures that your wallet IP remains hidden for any tran-sactional activity, and so does your geographical location. 
    Furthermore, in pursuit of providing the much-needed privacy and ensuring that all tran-sactions remain totally anonymous, we have developed the combination of ToR and Crypto-graphy, which will be unique and ensure your transactions will not be traced back to you. It will increase your anonymity not 2 times, but almost 4 times. We want to create something accessible not only by our community but by everyone, where you will not need to register any personal information to get anonymity you deserve.
    It resolves the problem associated with bitcoin by featuring faster transaction confirmation times and improved storage efficiency. PRiVCY Coin is a project that is created by the com-bined efforts of hundreds of technicians, miners, investors from all across the world. Out of the love and passion for the fintech, the team has always been trying to resolve the issues associated with in the cryptocurrency space. This leads us to the creation of a new digital asset, a coin that offers advanced features and efficiency on top of blockchain fork. Built on Bitcoin’s Bit Core platform, PRiVCY Coin will surely be more advanced than Bitcoin and would eventually become today’s leading cryptocurrency. PRiVCY Coin would continue the Bitcoin’s mission by taking control of finance from Banks and governments and give it back to the original deserving i.e. ordinary people, but with full privacy and offering faster speed, without relying on pools or centralized entities. 

    7.1 PRIVACY
    It’s a common misconception that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are fully anonymous and transactions are private and untraceable. In fact, many blockchains only disguise users’ identities while leaving behind a public record of all transactions that have occurred on the blockchain. The data in the ledger often includes how many tokens a user has received or sent in historical transactions, as well as the balance of any cryptocurrency that they have within their wallet. There is a concern that even with their identities disguised, users can still be identified based on their activity within a blockchain. While it’s true that you can transact with bitcoin without having to provide your Social Security number or bank account, there’s still data on the digital ledger that could potentially be linked back to you. For instance, the Internal Revenue Service recently won a court case against cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase requiring it to hand over information on more than 14,300 users who’d exchanged more than $20,000 worth of bitcoin between 2013 and 2015. While the move was made, so that the IRS could possibly go after capital-gain tax evaders, the bigger theme here is that these transactions aren’t as anonymous as they appear. With PRiVCY Coin, users can enjoy the advantages of using blockchain, while still being sure that their information is private and completely anonymous. The amount of coins you own, send and receive are not observable, traceable nor linkable by way of transaction history on the Blockchain.
    How we offer Privacy? 
    PRiVCY Coin uses TOR to send untraceable transactions. PRiVCY Coin also employs stealth addresses that allows the sender to use a one-time user address for their transactions, and this keeps the transaction private. The recipient only needs a single address, but before they receive the value that is sent, that block is sent to unique addresses on the chain where they cannot be connected to the sender or recipient’s personal address. This ensures that only the sender and receiver can consistently know where payments originated and where they were sent.
    Unlike Bitcoin that takes hours and sometime even days for a transaction to be confirmed, PRiVCY Coin will use technology that ensures transactions are much faster, no matter what the transactional load and frequency is. PRiVCY uses technology that allows PRiVCY Coin to compete with nearly instantaneous transaction systems such as credit cards for point-of-sale situations, while not relying on a centralized authority. Through the use of a consensus between Miners and Stakers, the signals of a transaction are locked and only spendable in a specific instant transaction. Widespread vendor acceptance of PRiVCY Coin and DS could re-volutionize PRiVCY Coin by shortening the delay in confirmation of transactions from as long as an hour (with Bitcoin) to as little as a few seconds, and as a result, will make PRiVCY Coin ideal for usage of daily transactional activities such as shopping, dining or hoteling etc.  
    PRiVCY Coin offers decentralized governance through achieving consensus by allowing com-munity i.e. PRiVCY Coin holders to participate and work as dedicated nodes PRiVCY Coin blockchain network. The blockchain is capable of handling any amount of transactional volu-me, all the time, without having the chances of the network getting down or showing any sign of sluggishness. All nodes have equal power and control. The currency is not created, maintai-ned nor represented by any one person or company, i.e. a central authority, and thus unlike traditional financial institutions that allow centralized control, PRiVCY Coin provides complete decentralization which means there is no risk of a single point of failure. 
    Based on the combination of Proof of Work(PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus model, PRiVCY Coin will achieve distributed consensus for every transaction, thus enhancing the security of your digital assets.  PRiVCY Coin enables you to get profound information on all transactions ever made. The code cannot be cracked or altered with unauthorized changes. The system is decentralized and securely protected against influence from single users.
    You can transfer PRiVCY Coin to anyone—anywhere in the world as long as the recipient is connected to the internet.  All you have to do is ask for a receiver Wallet Address or Public Key and then input the number of coins you want to send in our dedicated wallet. Once you have entered the required information and confirmed, transactions would get confirmed within seconds. Every coin is worth the same value and is thus mutually interchangeable. No coin risks potential blacklisting nor debasement due to deprecating transaction history.
    You can be a part of a project that has the true potential of becoming the world’s leading payment system. More demand for PRiVCY Coin ecosystem over the time will raise the value of the coin itself.  Investment in PRiVCY Coin will get profit from the raising price of PRiVCY Coin on the market exchange. The value of PRiVCY COIN will increase from market demand. 
    All transaction with PRiVCY Coin can be easily done by using PRiVCY Coin wallet application available on our website with any major operating system i.e. Windows, Linux and Mac. We are also working on the best and most secured Webwallet in the world. Furthermore, in future, we are planning to expand our wallet to be supported by famous wallets including hardware wallets. The encrypted technology of these wallets would allow you to secure your PRiVCY Coin, so that you can view transactions and your account balance. 
    7.8 PORTABLE
    PRiVCY Coin is designed to be portable. With the current major currencies, it is difficult to carry around large amounts of money. Cash amounting to millions is risky to carry for several reasons, which is why cryptocurrency investors prefer it to other currencies. With PRiVCY Coin, you can easily carry around a million dollars’ worth of PRiVCY Coin in a few MegaBytes worth of data space.
    Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies that are struggling with their acceptability and mainly rely on exchanges and market supply and demand hype for controlling their value, PRiVCY Coin aims to provide inherent utility by getting accepted as a medium of account at PRiVCY Coin associated merchants. We are currently in negotiations with many merchants
    Website                                :
    BitcoinTalk Forum ANN    :
    GitHub                                 :
    Wallets download               :
    WebWallet                          :
    Explorer                              :
    Discord                               :
    Faucet                                 :
    Twitter                                :
    Facebook                            :
    Reddit                                 :
    Instagram                           :
    Follow Our Official Telegram Channel :
    Join our Official Telegram Group          :

    MMO Coin sharing bonuses

  • Sunday, August 19, 2018
  • by
  • ariewayq

  • Introduction
    MMOCoin is the newest addition to the growing synergy between cryptocurrency and online gamers. As technology continues  to  innovate  and  national  borders  are  reduced to thin lines on a map, online gamers require a fast and  user-friendly way to share their resources. Built on top of the MMOPro community that boasts a user count of over 250,000,  MMOCoin  will  quickly  become  the  preferred choice for gamers to trade in an increasingly more glob - alized and digital world.
    MMOPro was founded in 2008, a year before Bitcoin made its introduction to the world. Founded and maintained by pas sionate, committed gamers who were looking for a way to bring other gamers together to share knowledge and re-sources to improve everyone’s gaming experience.  
    These same founders have recognized the power of cryptocur -rency and decided to create and integrate MMOCoin into their already 250,000 strong user base. Hiring some of the smartest minds, MMOPro has built a cryptocurrency by gamers, for gamers.  
    With MMOCoin, gamers will be able to buy, sell, and trade almost anything they need for their gaming experience. With a single currency, dedicated to gamers, users will be able to quickly and securely acquire exactly what they need for their next mission or quest.

    We’ve built our own blockchain & wallet for fast and secure transactions.

    We have re-invented the global equity blockchain – that  is the secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and it will be used on  the first cryptocurrency accepted Massive Multiplayer Online Games  (MMO/G/RPG) Marketplace for fast and safe transactions. Using a  cryptocurrency as the primary form of payment, MMOCoin’s transactions  are recorded on the blockchain and are 100% audit-able for any and all  disputes between users. Additionally, transactions can be finalized in a  matter of seconds instead of waiting for long.    

    What is Tiered Staking?

    MMOCoin was written in the Script Algorithm. Created as a Proof-of-Work (Pow) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) hybrid. The release of MMOCoins into circulation are first mined during the initial 2,000 blocks (see right).  
    After Block 2,000, MMOCoins unique Tiered Staking takes over. This structure ensures a slow, steady release of coins into circulation. It is set up to reward those who have chosen to take on the highest ownership commitment (or risk) with the highest rewards. 
    Masternodes were an option that was considered by the team. However, staying true to the vision of MMOCoin, maintaining maximum liquidity was important to foster a industry-specific utility coin.
    MMOCoin is built on a unique feature called Tiered Staking. Tiered PoS is actually the levels of Stake divided into the  percentage of the coins consist in the wallet & we have divided the  stake reward into the following levels (as per anum)  
    • Holding 1-999 MMO in the OS wallet will provide 1% stake reward
    • Holding 1000-9999 MMO in the OS wallet will provide 2% stake reward.
    • Holding 10000-49999 MMO in the OS wallet will provide 5% stake reward.
    • Holding 50000-99999 MMO in the OS wallet will provide 7% stake reward.
    • Holding 100000+ MMO in the OS wallet will provide 10% stake reward.   


    Use our secure digital MMO wallet to make transactions much faster.   Our secure digital wallet is
    currently available for Windows, Mac, Linux & contains the following features  
    • Friendly UI
    • Send and receive MMOCoins in just a few seconds.
    • Hold and get staking reward (based on the tiered PoS)
    • Professional Network
    • No more expensive fees 

    Contact Information 
    Email             :
    Website         :
    GitHub          :
    Social Media 
    Twitter          :
    Discord         :
    Telegram      :

    let's join in discord Official for more info about Bonuses, bounty, game and friendship



  • Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • by
  • ariewayq
  • We believe in greatness.  We believe that every individual is unique,  special, and awesome.  We also believe in cryptocurrency, because we  feel that it brings an immeasurable amount of freedom, power, and  potential to the human race as a whole, and the individual consumer.   Specifically, we believe in Netcoin, because at this present time in  our history, we finally have a means to exchange wealth and value in a  honest, fair, unrestricted manner.  There are a lot of cryptocurrencies  that are scams.  From get-rich schemes, to planned profit generation for  a few.  This is not acceptable.  We believe (and have seen) that  Netcoin has remained a true crypto…one of the few that from it’s  inception was designed and managed in a way to be for the people.   Indeed, those who have worked collectively on the coin over the years  have done so in a self-sacrificing manner.  That is why we (as a  foundation) support this cryptocurrency. 

    Netcoin,  like anything else in the world, is “worth” what we as a species value  it to be.  Which, of course then begs the question, why should we value  Netcoin? For starters:  
    1. It’s a safer way to use/spend/receive money than Fiat. (for example….USD/GBP/CNY)
    2. It’s a faster way to send/receive money than Fiat.
    3. It’s not subject to the inflation escalations we’ve observed with fiat currencies of recent.
    4. It’s built off of and developed from the same trusted technology as Bitcoin.
    5. It’s Faster than Bitcoin.
    6. You can earn up to 10% interest on the amount of NET you own and store in your personal wallet.*
    7. Fair weight staking marked at 100,000 NET so holders above this  amount can stake every 6 hrs and play on equal chances against even the  largest of holders.
    One of the First things to do (besides saying hi to the community) is to obtain your own NET wallet.  This fantastic little secure and safe program operates as your own Personal Bank.  The wallet is where your NET are securely stored and also where you will Deposit, Withdraw, and Send your NET.
    Next, you’ll want to add some NET to your wallet (Why?  Because you can earn interest…or what’s called “minting”, on every NET you hold in your wallet that’s connected to the Network).
    Now you can start to use NET just like you would money.  The number of Merchants accepting NET is growing, and the more we build (the community, NET features, NET acceptance), the sooner we’ll be able to use NET for everyday transactions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Netcoin (NET)?

    Netcoin is a global cryptocurrency  that was created in September, 2013.  Originally based on litecoin’s  coin core, it has since been developed and upgraded to include custom  coin code making it unique from every other crypto. 

    What’s its algorithm?

    Every coin has an algorithm (or put another way, its base code).  Netcoin is a scrypt Proof of Work / Proof of Stake hybrid. 

    How can I get NET?

    The easiest method of obtaining NET  at the present time is by joining our discord 🙂  We’ll gladly help get  you set up if you ask (with your own wallet and Netcoins).  After that,  you can exchange your Fiat currency for satoshi (or bitcoin), and then  trade that for NET on several exchanges.  

    How much is this going to cost me?

    Netcoin is free to use. This is unlike current banks and “payment processors”…where you are  charged 1%, 2% or sometimes upwards of 5% for using their services. With NET, you have the ability to send as little or as much money as  you’d like to anyone else that has a NET wallet.  It’s that simple. 

    How can I help NET?

    Simple! By telling your friends, family, neighbors and even pets!  Netcoin is a very easy and friendly cryptocurrency that anyone can  understand! By spreading the knowledge about Netcoin further we will all  grow together and rise to the new futures that we all have before us! Additionally, feel free to contact us if you’d like to help support Netcoin in a more official manner. 

    How much is 100,000 gonna cost me so I can get setup for 6 hour staking?

    Good question! Click here to find out on the Fair Weight scale. 



    So The Advantage

    1 | Secure Funds

    You deserve to have your money safe and protected! Netcoin ensures  that your money is fully secure, and always available, anytime.  

    2 | Personal Investment Rate

    You deserve to earn interest on your willingness to be a savvy  consumer.  With Netcoin’s Personal Investment Rate (PIR), you can earn  up to 10% interest, simply by being part of the network.  

    3 | Lightning FAST Transactions

    Today’s markets and retailers need faster transactions.  Netcoin has  velocity…a fast way to send, spend, and receive your money. Ultra FAST!  

    4 | Safe Transactions

    You may safely use Netcoin in any way you choose at anytime.  There  are no delays or waiting on approvals from the bank supervisor…. It’s  just you, your money, and what YOU want to do with it*.  

    5 | Fair Weight Staking

    Why stake a coin you need more and more to even hit a stake? Afterall  staking is mining too and thats what moves transactions. With Netcoin  and fair weight marked at 100k NET staking every 6hrs you can show the  other POS coins who’s boss and how a real POS coin gets it done.  


    For More Info :

    Website           :
    Twitter            :
    Discord           :
    Facebook        :
    Forum            : 
    Youtube          :
    Foundation     :


    Zealium Coin

  • Thursday, July 5, 2018
  • by
  • ariewayq
  • Zealium is a full-privacy, New Zealand-based Proof of Stake decentralised cryptocurrency which uses peer-to- peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks. Managing transactions and the issuing of Zealium is carried out collectively by the network. Zealium is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Zealium and, the good thing is, everyone can take part!

    New Zealand is adept at punching above its weight in many areas of technology – from Rocket Lab’s lightweight, cost-effective commercial rocket launch services, to Weta Workshop’s award winning visual special effects and movie props. It’s a veritable breeding ground of open-minded, resourceful, forward-thinking techthusiasts. Indeed, given its optimal population size and relative isolation it’s a common uptake testing ground for new products, brands and inventions. New Zealanders are bred for this type of innovation. 

    At Zealium, our goal is to vastly improve awareness, knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrencies within New Zealand with a view to the eventual mass adoption of decentralised finance and trade. Our ambitions are hefty - We want to make a decisive difference to the future of doing business in New Zealand. At the moment, for example, there are no products here to purchase via QR Code, plus New Zealand has only 2 BTC ATM machines nationwide. This must change. Our goal is to turn Zealium into a currency for one’s daily payments; a coin that is not only traded for speculative reasons, but a currency that enables people to buy products and services in a secure and quick way. 

    Over the past decade there has been an explosion in the demand for cashless and digital payments. Global transaction volumes grew by 11.2% from 2014 to 2015 to reach 433 billion, an increase partially fuelled by Emerging Asia. In the past 24 months this growth has been enhanced by the introduction of mobile contactless payment solutions such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay and a whole host of other innovative solutions. Between 2015- 2020, mobile proximity payment volume (such as Near Field Communication (NFC) and QR codes) is expected to rise by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 80 percent, which would bring mobile proximity payments volume over US$4 trillion by 2020. Moreover, the market for peer-to-peer payment is expected to grow at its highest rate in the next few years. The growing demand for compliance-free peer-to-peer transaction is driving the market for crypto in the peer-to-peer segment. 

    We want a piece of this. Cryptocurrency transactions are compliance-free, tax-free and charge a very low processing fee. Cryptocurrency transactions also do away with the need for certain third party inclusion such as banking enterprises and government backed money (Fiat currencies) – in short, a truly free market. This all, in addition to growing awareness, acts as a major factor for the growth of crypto market for peer-to- peer, and a major driving factor behind our raison d’etre. 

    We believe our brand will resonate well not only with the whole of New Zealand - our indigenous Iwi, our European population, our Pacific cousins, indeed all of the plethora of cultures that now call New Zealand home - but also further ashore. Zealium was formed to put the benefits of cryptocurrency investing within the reach of everybody regardless of wealth and tech know-how. Our transaction times are low, our fees are slim, we’re an environmentally aware and responsible cryptocurrency, plus the rewards for stakeholders are many!

    Zealium is currently a small team, primarily based in a small country. Being in the rather tiny minority of successful cryptocurrency adopters within New Zealand we have only but one option to rate ourselves - The standard Kiwi way - By default; self-qualified to succeed :)

    more info and Guide about Zealium Coin :

    • The general landscape of Crypto today
    • How POS is beneficial
    • What Zelium does differently and where it fits into the crypto realm
    • What we have planned
    • How you’ll be rewarded

    White Paper       :
    Official Website :
    Team Suport       :
    Email Founder   :
    Twitter                :
    Facebook            :
    Discord               :
    Faucet                 :
    game                   :


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