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  • We believe in greatness.  We believe that every individual is unique,  special, and awesome.  We also believe in cryptocurrency, because we  feel that it brings an immeasurable amount of freedom, power, and  potential to the human race as a whole, and the individual consumer.   Specifically, we believe in Netcoin, because at this present time in  our history, we finally have a means to exchange wealth and value in a  honest, fair, unrestricted manner.  There are a lot of cryptocurrencies  that are scams.  From get-rich schemes, to planned profit generation for  a few.  This is not acceptable.  We believe (and have seen) that  Netcoin has remained a true crypto…one of the few that from it’s  inception was designed and managed in a way to be for the people.   Indeed, those who have worked collectively on the coin over the years  have done so in a self-sacrificing manner.  That is why we (as a  foundation) support this cryptocurrency. 

    Netcoin,  like anything else in the world, is “worth” what we as a species value  it to be.  Which, of course then begs the question, why should we value  Netcoin? For starters:  
    1. It’s a safer way to use/spend/receive money than Fiat. (for example….USD/GBP/CNY)
    2. It’s a faster way to send/receive money than Fiat.
    3. It’s not subject to the inflation escalations we’ve observed with fiat currencies of recent.
    4. It’s built off of and developed from the same trusted technology as Bitcoin.
    5. It’s Faster than Bitcoin.
    6. You can earn up to 10% interest on the amount of NET you own and store in your personal wallet.*
    7. Fair weight staking marked at 100,000 NET so holders above this  amount can stake every 6 hrs and play on equal chances against even the  largest of holders.
    One of the First things to do (besides saying hi to the community) is to obtain your own NET wallet.  This fantastic little secure and safe program operates as your own Personal Bank.  The wallet is where your NET are securely stored and also where you will Deposit, Withdraw, and Send your NET.
    Next, you’ll want to add some NET to your wallet (Why?  Because you can earn interest…or what’s called “minting”, on every NET you hold in your wallet that’s connected to the Network).
    Now you can start to use NET just like you would money.  The number of Merchants accepting NET is growing, and the more we build (the community, NET features, NET acceptance), the sooner we’ll be able to use NET for everyday transactions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Netcoin (NET)?

    Netcoin is a global cryptocurrency  that was created in September, 2013.  Originally based on litecoin’s  coin core, it has since been developed and upgraded to include custom  coin code making it unique from every other crypto. 

    What’s its algorithm?

    Every coin has an algorithm (or put another way, its base code).  Netcoin is a scrypt Proof of Work / Proof of Stake hybrid. 

    How can I get NET?

    The easiest method of obtaining NET  at the present time is by joining our discord 🙂  We’ll gladly help get  you set up if you ask (with your own wallet and Netcoins).  After that,  you can exchange your Fiat currency for satoshi (or bitcoin), and then  trade that for NET on several exchanges.  

    How much is this going to cost me?

    Netcoin is free to use. This is unlike current banks and “payment processors”…where you are  charged 1%, 2% or sometimes upwards of 5% for using their services. With NET, you have the ability to send as little or as much money as  you’d like to anyone else that has a NET wallet.  It’s that simple. 

    How can I help NET?

    Simple! By telling your friends, family, neighbors and even pets!  Netcoin is a very easy and friendly cryptocurrency that anyone can  understand! By spreading the knowledge about Netcoin further we will all  grow together and rise to the new futures that we all have before us! Additionally, feel free to contact us if you’d like to help support Netcoin in a more official manner. 

    How much is 100,000 gonna cost me so I can get setup for 6 hour staking?

    Good question! Click here to find out on the Fair Weight scale. 



    So The Advantage

    1 | Secure Funds

    You deserve to have your money safe and protected! Netcoin ensures  that your money is fully secure, and always available, anytime.  

    2 | Personal Investment Rate

    You deserve to earn interest on your willingness to be a savvy  consumer.  With Netcoin’s Personal Investment Rate (PIR), you can earn  up to 10% interest, simply by being part of the network.  

    3 | Lightning FAST Transactions

    Today’s markets and retailers need faster transactions.  Netcoin has  velocity…a fast way to send, spend, and receive your money. Ultra FAST!  

    4 | Safe Transactions

    You may safely use Netcoin in any way you choose at anytime.  There  are no delays or waiting on approvals from the bank supervisor…. It’s  just you, your money, and what YOU want to do with it*.  

    5 | Fair Weight Staking

    Why stake a coin you need more and more to even hit a stake? Afterall  staking is mining too and thats what moves transactions. With Netcoin  and fair weight marked at 100k NET staking every 6hrs you can show the  other POS coins who’s boss and how a real POS coin gets it done.  


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