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  • One of the biggest questions that we get is “How do I get PacCoins?”
    Well, If you are new to Cryptocoins we suggest a great starting point is to get an account on Coinbase here >>>
    Once you get your account open you should purchase either Litecoins or Bitcoins – your choice.  We recommend Litecoins if your intent is to buy PacCoin – it is easier to use & move.
    When you have your Litecoin or Bitcoin you can then purchase PAC below, or you can go to Cryptopia and open an account there and transfer your coins there so you can buy DOGE  coin and then trade them for PacCoin.
    We are working on more ways to make this simpler.

    PacCoin is an alternative digital currency similar in features to Bitcoin & Litecoin with it’s main difference is that it gains interest or ‘stakes’ when you hold it!  The stake rate is around 8% per month.
    To get PacCoin you must have a functioning wallet address on your computer with a PacCoin wallet, or at an Exchange like Cryptopia.  You can download a windows wallet here.  A MAC wallet is also available & the Linux wallet compiles well on Linux as of today – 12/5/2017.
    PacCoin can currently be purchased directly from us here.  You can also purchase them using Doge Coin on Cryptopia.  Or, you can buy them from one of our developers directly on ebay (Be sure you buy them from a reputable vendor!)  Xandorman is one of our key team developers – he will ensure you get your coins!  If you purchase them from us on PacCoin.net you will need to use Litecoins or Bitcoins only.  No credit cards yet.
    Another way to get PacCoin has a few more steps involved:  You need to get Doge Coin & a trading account on Cryptopia.

    1. You can get a trading account on Cryptopia see here>>
    2. Now that you have your Cryptopia account you need to get Doge Coin
    3. You can get Doge coin by buying them with Litecoin or Bitcoin purchased in step two below.
    4. Now you can get PacCoin
    5. We are working on *easier* ways to get PacCoin – but this is the surest way today.

    If Need Help I Am Here :

     More Info About Paccoin Here

    Pac Coin Discord


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