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    The main idea of the project is for the possibility of new coins becoming more popular. A professional pool with modern interface, integrated marketplace and faucets funcionality all combines for a way to support new coins, and here on CryptoHub everyone can support them.
    The new coins commonly have low hasrate/mining dificulity, so any user can mine them without having large hashing powers. Our integrated martkeplace is a way that lets users avoid extra fees on withdrawals. Commonly if you mine coin on a pool and withdraw it into some marketplace you will pay 1-5% fee that depends on coin, your hashing power and withdrawal interval. Here everything is different. Once your mined a coin you can begin to trade it.
    Actually, mining new coins may be even more profitable than to mine popular high-price coins. Especially if a coin is promising by its community, developers activity and technical specification.

    Like a modern cryptocurrency service here are all of needed features:
    • Accounts safety - you can add 2FA and withdrawals confirmation by email.
    • Automatic withdrawals with confirmations check. You will always know if your withdrawal successful or not.
    • Low trade minimum - learn to trade with tiny amounts of any coin.
    • Easy to beginners - intuitive interface without unnecessary details.

    Pool info

    This multipool tries to combine simplicity and funcionality. To be more easier to beginners there is an attracive intuitive interface with "Animation & Sound" option that can be used in 2 ways:
    1) you can leave pool page on focus and enjoy of fascinating mining process
    2) you can leave pool page in browser without focus and it will signal you when coin was mined/confirmed. Once coin is confimed you can trade/withdraw it.

    To activate it click "Animation & Sound" button.

    Also pools calculates expecting daily income for a coin based on last 24 hours average difficulity. It should be more precise than calculating on current difficulity.

    Pool specifications

    • Reward type PROP - all miners get reward proportionally to their hashing power
    • 0,9% - 1,5% mining fee (depends on coin) that will be automatically lowered to a loyal miner
    • Every 8 hours of mining per week lowers your mining fee by 0,1% (5 maximim stacks)
    • Authomatic withdrawal with minimal transaction fee


    Predictions - is a kind of free lottery where you can gain coins for giving trading advice. To have access to predictions you need to have in your balance an equivalent of 10$ (to prevent bots).

    If you think that a coin will grow in the next hours you can bet for it at the market page. Betting is active from 6 to 23 hours by server time(UTC-3). At a random time from 5 to 6 hours the server will calculate which coin has grown the most of all for the last 24 hours.
    Growing percent will be calculated from the difference between the highest bid on our market.

    90% of fees spent on market of that coin for the last 24 hours will be shared as a reward between all users that bet on that coin.

    you can see over here  : Cryptohub Trading and Mining Site

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