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  • Built to be fast, secure and easy to use
    Shardax combines the advantage of top-tier crypto exchanges, with the ability to earn from your deposited proof-of-stake coin rewards. It is a secure and easy to use platform to both exchange and stake your coins, so that you don't have to miss out on any trading opportunities.

    Exchange Launch Q3 2018
    The first 50,000 users to register will pay 0% trading fees until 2019.
    Refer your friends and earn 50% commission on both trading and staking fees for the first 3 months. After this you will earn a 20% commission on their trading and staking fees.

    Main Advantages of Using Shardax

    Built to be fast, secure and easy to use
    • Secure and Reliable
      To keep your account and funds secure we have multiple layers of protection.
      Most funds will be held in cold storage and all wallets will have delegated servers
    • Accessible, low Fees
      On our platform you will never find any hidden fees, all our fees are transparent and always shown when making a trade or withdrawal.
      0.1% trading fee with a 50% discount available by opting to pay fees in Shard.
    • Stake your coins
      While holding your staking coins on our exchange you will be able to receive proof-of-stake rewards for them. You can stake and exchange all in one place with no delay.You can even receive staking rewards while your coins are waiting in the order book.
    •  Live Support
      You don't have to wait weeks or months to get a response from customer support.
      Our customer support team works 365 days/year and is available on live support.

    Trading Interface

    In addition to our instant trade feature, our advanced interface has been designed specifically to make it easier for all users to trade between crypto. With our advanced view you will be able to easily trade your crypto at the best prices.
    Both the instant trade and advanced view will be mobile friendly, meaning you will be able to trade in your preference while on the go!

    Additional Advantages of using Shardax

    • Privacy All our traders information is fully secure and kept undisclosed.
    • Discounted trading fees Shard holders can pay their fees in shard at a reduced rate of 50%
    • Clear and Simple Interface We have a very clear and easy to use interface that makes trading easy for anyone.
    • Instant Trading Using our instant trade feature you can easily swap between any coin/token we have listed, at the best available rate. As soon as your deposit is confirmed you can start trading in seconds with no delay.
    • Limited Verification To create an account and begin trading you will only be asked to provide your email address. Verification is only required for large withdrawals over the daily limit.
    • Instant withdrawals Withdrawals will be processed with in minutes of requests, allowing users to quickly withdraw their funds when they want at very low fees.
    • Community Voted Coins We will be listing coins that are voted by the community and in the future we aim to have most cryptocurrencies listed so you can trade all in one place.
    • Lucrative Referral System By inviting users to register and use the exchange you will make a % of their trading and staking fees.
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